Combine your sector knowledge and our solution and software to gain new heights.   Together we can create a fully mobile platform to give your target audience the chance to provide an insight into your business. 

Areas of Expertise

leisure survey


From running a small or multi-national hotel, gymnasium, soft play area or leisure centre, find out the power of feedback with a client survey.  Find out what your clients think of your facilities and whether they believe you have enough diversification.   How well do your staff perform?  How well do they communicate?


Hoteliers gather feedback from your clients to help shape their needs and requirements and establish what drives them to return to your business.   Feedback from your clients or employees will help provide you with a better understanding with a view of refining your business and satisfying their ever growing needs.

events survey


Having 50,000 revelers attending an event can be one thing, but having feedback from them is another.  Feedback can help shape the next forthcoming experience for both you and them. 


Establish what facilities were a hit, and which were not?  How well did your staff communicate and engage with the partygoers?  Did the event meet expectations? Was the event suitability organised? Would they return?   This will provide you with an insight into their needs, deliver further commercial and brand awareness, and ultimately help you build a better future.  Carry out a customer satisfaction survey today.

professional survey


Solicitors, insurance companies, estate agents or finance companies, find out how your business performs from your clients perspective. Allow them the opportunity to have their voice and find out what really drives and motivates them. 


Employee satisfaction is also key here, make your employees feel engaged and allow them to feel wanted and part the company.  An employee engagement survey will be fundamental to your ongoing strategy.

food and drink survey

Food & Drink

Whether you run a small to medium or large restaurant, coffee shop, cafe or pub/club, find out what feedback your clients or employees have. 


By obtaining survey feedback from clients will not only provide more brand awareness but also help you understand any market trends.  This will improve your product and service and fully maximise repeat custom. 

transport survey


Train, bus or taxi companies, gathering feedback from your employees or customers can provide a better understanding of how your business performs from their perspective. 


Engaging with your customers by way of a customer survey can help promote a successful and long standing business providing you with repeat custom.  Allow them to provide an outside view of your business.  Taxi companies, find out how your drivers perform, how well was their driving, and whether they would recommend your business to a friend. 


Bus, train and coach companies, allow your customers to provide their view on your performance to help diversify your business to meet their requirements.  Staff feedback can help promote staff engagement and help build a better more sustainable future. 

retail survey


Whether you are a small shop or a multi-national retailer find out the power of feedback with a customer satisfaction survey.  Engage with your employees and let them shape your business for the future. Find out how well your staff performs on customer service, communications and brand awareness. 


Establish how well the customer enjoys their complete shopping experience and whether they would promote your company.  Customer feedback will also help you understand their needs, their contribution will be invaluable.    


Staff feedback will also equally be as valuable to increase employee engagement, make them feel valued and create a much happier workforce.