To provide you with a full and comprehensive feedback report, the steps are as follows


  • Establish the aims and objectives of your requirements

  • Establish your target audience

  • Strategically create your feedback questions

  • Contact made with your target audience

  • Analyse data

  • Comprehensive report provided

  • Measure your performance




Invest time and effort into your business and reap the rewards.  Listen to your customers, clients or employees to help shape your business for the future.  The time you invest and the input you invest will transform and develop your business.




Optimize feedback questions to suit your business needs.  Whatever your business we can tailor a questionnaire to help transform your business. 




Investigations can reveal how your business is performing.  Not only can this help shape your business for the future but the data captured can help ensure adherence to the corporate brand and ensure client / employee retention is fully maximised.  We can tailor the investigations as to fit with your business requirements.  Here are a few generic questions which you may want to ask your customers, clients or employees:-

How visually appealing is our website

  • Were you able to find the information you were looking for on our website

  • How easy is it to navigate our website

  • Is it likely you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague

  • How well did we communicate

  • How happy are you with your purchase

  • How comfortable do you feel voicing your concerns to your supervisor

  • How clearly does your supervisor explain the companys business plans

  • How do you rate the benefits your employer provides

  • Are you likely to recommend a friend to work with your employer

  • How do you rate your experience whilst shopping at our store

  • How do you rate the cleanliness of our store

  • Were our employees helpful and knowledgeable




Each feedback allows your business to hear your clients or employees voice heard.   It provides each participant the chance to have their opinion on each particular topic and allows them the opportunity to “score” your business.  The scoring is star based with five stars being the highest accolade. 

Measure your company’s performance by undertaking a review year after year.  This is a way of evaluating your company’s performance throughout that year compared to the previous year.   Establish which areas need improving and which areas are thriving. 


Year on year reviews will also show you any trends and patterns, provide more brand awareness and fully maximise employee retention to make your employees and clients feel more engaged within the business.    Business moves forward and the data analysis also gives you an insight into your clients expectations and help you understand the ever changing audience.



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