Features & Plans

Through our innovative software we are able to gather feedback from any source, at any time.   Our surveys are fully optimized to reach anybody at anytime - Smartphone, Desktop or Tablet.

Feedback Features

website link

Website Link

Visitors to your web page will click on a feedback link directing them immediately to a fully operational survey.  Once complete the user will be directed back to the same page.

SMS text

SMS Text

Target audience will be sent an SMS text which contains a link.  Once the link is clicked the user will be directed to a fully mobile survey to be completed.  

emal link

Email Link

Email recipient will receive a link within the email.  Once the link is clicked it will direct the target audience to the fully operational survey.



A feature code is a group of numbers and letters used to define a particular product.   Once the code is entered it directs the user to the identified bespoke survey for that product.

face to face

Face to Face

Face to face surveys allow a more in-depth survey providing that personal touch to gather more and deeper information.   

digital surveys

Digital Surveys

Creating bespoke surveys to suit your businesses requirements.  A fully personalized theme helps you adhere to the corporate brand providing a visual and interactive design.  You will receive login details for your very own personal dashboard.  Here you will see real time results and instant responses as well as viewing dynamic reports.



Whatever your requirements we have alternative plans to suit you business needs.

bespoke survey plan

Basic Plan


Great for individuals or entrepreneurs who seek that bespoke survey feedback.


per month

professional survey

Business Plan


Great for businesses looking to create that professional survey.   


per month

tools and requirements

Custom Plan

Suitable for Your Needs

For individuals and companies who require advanced tools and requirements please contact us.