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Feedback is essential information which helps grow and nurture your business.  Positive and negative feedback is very important from both a client and an employee perspective.   Having a happy client is fundamental to your company and having a satisfied workforce is as equally important and key to a successful business.


Whilst positive feedback is nice to hear, negative feedback is equally important as it helps to improve processes, commercial awareness, and communications and gain a better relationship and understanding the client or employee perspective.    


Whether a customer satisfaction survey or an employee engagement survey is your requirements allow Feedbackability Ltd the opportunity to shape your business and drive your company forward.

Feedbackability can be used by private businesses, retailers, transport companies any many others to create, collect and analyse data any time.   Create any type of survey to suit your requirements.    Target your audience, collect the data and then analyse the results.  

Customer Satisfaction

Get first hand feedback from your customers to establish how well your company is performing.

Employee Engagement

Take time to listen to your staff.  Find out what drives and motivates your employees for a more sustainable future.


Ascertain feedback before, during, or after the event, whatever suits your requirements.

Market Research

Keep up to date in your industry and stay ahead of the game from any competition.  Identify any trends and implement analytical results.

Contact anybody, anytime.

Connect with your target audience by email, website, links at anytime and talk to the people who really matter to you.

See the results

See what your target audience think of your business and act on the results to build a bright future.

Feedback Channels

All in One Place

Website Link

Your own website will link directly into your own custom survey.

SMS Text

Contact made via text seeking a feedback response.


Your target audience will enter your unique code directly into our website which will link to your own custom survey.

Email Link

Target audience will receive a link channeling them directly to your custom survey.

Face to face

Obtaining face to face feedback is a good way of seeking feedback.


Whichever channel suits your needs, they will all link into your customised survey

We Do Feedback......

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